Proving Legacy Media Can Flourish In A Digital Age – The Mr. Magazine™ Interview With Bob Cohn, Co-President & Chief Operating Officer, The Atlantic

Mr. Magazine

“I think that it would be Pollyannaish to say that print will never disappear. I do think that someday print will not be around, but I’ll have to say that it’s much farther into the future than many of us were talking about four years ago. And I don’t see it coming in the near future at all. Print is stronger than ever.” Bob Cohn

Picture 14 Legacy media surviving in this digital age? Not only surviving, but thriving? It must be a dream in the sleep-induced mind of some forgotten print publisher of the 80s. And if you believe that answer, then Mr. Magazine™ will now be known as Mr. Digital™…and you know that isn’t happening.

The Atlantic, first founded in 1857, is beating the odds and doing something fairly unheard of in print magazine media today: they’re increasing newsstand sales and making money from digital. While that may be hard…

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(Mountain) lions, tigers, and bears – oh my!

Dispatches from the Field

“This was a mistake.”

I didn’t want to listen to the little voice in my head; in fact, I was trying very hard to ignore it.  But it repeated itself insistently as I started at the impression of a huge paw in the mud at my feet: “This was a mistake.”

Squatting in front of me, my companion touched his fingers to the print almost reverently.  “Wow!  This is the biggest track I’ve seen yet.  This mountain lion must be huge!”

The voice again: “This was a mistake.”

Glancing up, my guide seemed to pick up on my anxiety (or abject terror, if I’m going to be honest).  “Don’t worry,” he said with an easy smile. “I’ve been here for five months and I’ve only seen a couple of them.”

A couple?  As in, multiple mountain lions?

“Um…” I smiled uneasily, trying to look unfazed.  “Do you ever worry…

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